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Programmable automation controllers from Flexible Automation (NZ)

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Flexible Automation (NZ)  is a reputed company that supplies a range of equipment that is used in a number of industries all over New Zealand. Flexible Automation (NZ) supplies products that are manufactured by some of the leading equipment manufacturers in the world to its clients all over New Zealand.

Some of the manufacturers whose products are distributed by Flexible Automation (NZ) are LAM Technologies Electronic Equipment, Metronix, TCAM Technology Pte Ltd, Array, Triangle Research International Inc., M2I, Mean Well, ASM and GE Fanuc. By sourcing materials from these manufacturers Flexible Automation (NZ) ensures that the customers get quality materials and products that provide the services that they were designed for.

The PACSystems RX3i controller manufactured by GE Fanuc is the most recent addition to the pioneering PACSystems range of programmable automation controllers (PACs). The PACSystems RX3i features a single control engine along with a universal programming environment. This allows complete application portability over multiple hardware platforms thereby delivering true convergence of control choices.

The PACSystems RX3i controller helps address major engineering issues like higher productivity, tighter cost control, Boosting the performance of automation systems, Reduce engineering and commissioning costs.

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