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Flexco releases next generation CoreTech conveyor rolls

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article image Flexco’s CoreTech conveyor rolls are at least 40% lighter than comparative steel rolls and ideal for aggressive environments

Flexco (Aust) presents the next generation of conveyor rolls designed for heavy duty use in conveyor lines in aggressive environments.  

Made from high strength composite material, CoreTech conveyor rolls eliminate the productivity issues and service life limitations normally associated with conventional steel rolls in conveyor lines.  

The new CoreTech conveyor rolls from Flexco are the next generation of troughing and return rolls available in nylon or HDPE, providing a better alternative to steel rollers with advantages such as high strength, corrosion resistance and long service life.  

Nylon rollers provide the same load ratings as steel rollers, with no loss of functional performance while providing a longer service life.  

Easy handling is a key benefit of the lightweight conveyor rolls with a single roll requiring only one person to lift, carry and place, allowing more productivity and covering OH&S requirements.  

Chris Bayliss, Managing Director of Flexco Australia adds that CoreTech rolls are highly belt-friendly, and even advanced wear on the shell will not damage the belt.  

Key features of CoreTech conveyor rollers:  

  • Extremely lightweight, 40-50% lighter than steel with equivalent or better performance 
  • Low breakaway mass allows the rolls to start rotation with less energy or torque 
  • Low running friction of 0.7 N (rim drag) reduces power consumption 
  • Designed for heavy duty use, especially large scale mining 
  • Can also accommodate belt widths of 2.5m or more 
  • Advanced seal design eliminates dirt penetration in the primary and secondary sealing areas 
  • High quality, low friction bearings, factory lubricated for life 
  • Corrosion-resistance allows use in harsh environments containing moisture, salt and chemicals     
Flexco offers a range of efficient products, services and solutions for splicing, belt cleaning, belt tracking, spillage and slippage for belt conveyors.

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