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The new X85 pallet system from FlexLink

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article image The new X85 pallet system from FlexLink

FlexLink Systems  offers a new conveyor system, the X85, which includes a state-of-the-art pallet system as well as a standardised software to control it.

The new X85 pallet system from FlexLink allows for building efficient machining and assembly lines. The X85 pallet system is a toolbox for single piece flow solutions enabling flexible routing and full control of each product in process. This sophisticated line control system includes all the elements needed to meet the requirements in a constantly changing market.

The pallets are prepared for RFID memory tags for communication between the product, machine, line control and MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) solutions. They are also prepared for easy attachment of product fixtures. There have different configurations in accordance with application needs such as positioning accuracy, clean or rough environment, ESD, contaminants etc.

The standard pallets come in two tolerance classes with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.12mm and ± 1mm. Locating modules are available for single position or for index, dependent on pallet size.

A tunnel locating module offers easy balancing of manufacturing operations and the possibility to add operations to an existing line. Locating and elevating the pallet to the workplace, the tunnel station allows the next coming pallet to pass through. With maintained visibility of the line flow, it allows parallel operations in a sequential line layout. With two tunnel locating modules serving a machine or a robot, the utilisation can be maximised.

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