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The new X85 conveyor platform from FlexLink

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article image The new X85 conveyor platform from FlexLink

The new X85 conveyor platform from FlexLink Systems sets new performance limits to what a conveyor system can do. Its capacity and speed enhances line flexibility by new standard functions. The X85 conveyor also offers highest in class Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and lowest in class noise level.

The X85 conveyor chain offers a long service life and low noise level with tight tolerances and smooth top surfaces give a gentle product handling. Good chain guiding offers smooth running and a low noise level. Slide rails with in-built chain side protection offer improved appearance and additional safety.

Compact and safe distribution in bends is offered by the wheel bends. Flat top surface offers easy transfer through the bend, even of larger products. A high safety level and gentle product handling is achieved through protective covers and protection covers. Preconfigured conveyor recipes and engineering tools, makes the engineer’s job fast, accurate and easy.

"We work with both efficiency and safety in focus and on the whole, the X85 will raise the standard to a new level. Together with other X85 products, it solves many problems that are centre of attention within industrial production the world over," said Anders Jonsson, project leader for the X85 conveyor development

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