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New PET base-handling system

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article image FlexLink's new system handles the product by the base.

FLEXLINK Systems is set to release a new base-handling concept for lightweight PET plastic bottles.

Following several years of development in Japan and more recently in its Gothenburg headquarters' research and development facility Flexlink is confident the new handling concept will make a significant impact on the beverage, beer and dairy markets globally.

This represents a major breakthrough in these market segments. Most higher speed systems utilise air conveyors the design of which have not changed much for many years.

Some other handling systems have been developed using a variety of neck guides and belts but none have really taken off. Most people would recognise the shortcomings of air conveyor technology in that they can be noisy and have high relative power consumption.

FlexLink's new system handles the product by the base. The neck support concept is developed for handling of unstable bottles at high-speed applications where extra support is needed with two different set-ups allowing bottles from 0.2 to 3 litres to be handled with ring neck sizes ranging from 15 to 43mm.

The design ensures the bottles never fall over during transportation even at conveyor speeds in excess of 100m/min which roughly equals 1000 bottles a minute.

Generally speaking, the special neck guide system is not required when handling the bottle by the base at speeds lower than 40m/min. Other benefits include low maintenance costs and low dust creation.

The system is designed for easy change-over as well as removing individual bottles from a running line, and is particularly suited to handling different neck diameters which has traditionally been difficult with standard air conveyors.

FlexLink has invested heavily in handling techniques for lightweight plastic containers and sees this development as building upon its already extensive range of solutions.

It is well known for its wedge elevators and puck handling systems within a wide range of plastic handling applications throughout the world. The new handling system will be available in both aluminium and stainless steel.

The new PET base-handling range is fully modularised, including straight running sections from 750 to 3000mm, a standard drive/idler module, horizontal bends with 1000mm radius (15 to 90 degrees), a left to right neck support transfer module, a special vacuum module and a standard divert module as well as a lubrication unit for conveyor speeds above 70m/min.

FlexLink is a leading supplier of profitable automation solutions for assembly and manufacturing processes to world-leading global manufacturers, present globally with sales units in 16 countries. FlexLink Systems 03 9558 8200.

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