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Hygienic conveyor system available from FlexLink Systems

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The hygienic conveyor system for the food, dairy and beverage producers are available from FlexLink Systems . These hygienic conveyor systems focus on filling lines for diary, food and beverage producers as well as the personal products and fluid pharmaceutical producers.

The hygienic conveyor system has been developed for demanding customers, which put cleanliness, high-speed capacity and safety first. A number of standard solutions are available.

The 'Hygienic' conveyor system has cutting edge design with self draining surfaces and a covered chain return. This conveyor system is designed in accordance with the EHEDG criteria (EU machine directive for safe and hygienic machinery). The ‘Wash down’ is easily cleanable and in line with industry standards.

The chain and other composite components are as option available in materials preventing bacterial growth. The hygienic conveyor system can be run without lubrication systems even at high speeds or with low fat products. This is enabled through the combination of smooth chain surfaces, dynamic buffering, and efficient cleaning systems.

All FlexLink conveyors are designed to ensure high line efficiency through a high capacity and stable product handling. The versatility and ease of configuration allows for efficient layouts and a higher capacity per m2.

Following are the benefits of hygienic conveyor systems:

  • High line efficiency
  • High throughput
  • Compact layouts
  • No lubrication
  • Good production hygiene
  • Reduced warm water and detergents consumption

Following are the features of hygienic conveyor systems:

  • Unique hygiene levels
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Self draining section design
  • Covered chain return
  • Option: automatic cleaning, CIP -50% warm water, -80% detergents
  • Width: 83mm
  • Option: chain washer

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