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Flexlink extend range to include robotics

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The world is a changing place and unlike ten-years ago, it is unlikely to find an Australian organisation that is not aware of ever increasing global competition and the resulting requirement to increase productivity, efficiency and compete in an increasingly global competitive environment.

This awareness sees organisation’s becoming more willing to embrace change, evolve and seek ways to become not only more efficient, but also more effective. Manufacturers of consumer goods are shifting focus, seeking ways to bypass warehousing and embrace automated storage and supply systems.

Producers of pharmaceutical and medical products are embracing control systems which include automatic tracking, tracing and validation producers. Industrial manufacturers are employing fully integrated assembly systems that are able to manage constantly changing production schedules. The quest for more competitive manufacturing and product handling is never ending and these are the areas of specialisation for FlexLink, also referred to as production logistics.

An increasing focus on integrating robotics into automated systems is a logical progression and in this regard, FlexLink Systems have been selected by one of the world leaders in robotics ABB, as a channel partner, whose wide range of products and solutions will ensure the sourcing of standardised robots, components and function modules for all FlexLink production logistics systems.

FlexLink Systems is the Australian Division of FlexLink AB, that has subsidiaries in more than twenty-four countries. FlexLink work globally with customers to increase productivity, safeguard product quality and provide continuous, automatic, trouble free production flow. FlexLink are concerned not only with efficient factory automation and the conveying of virtually any type of product, but also with assembly and product handling.

The well established and long time global cooperation between FlexLink and ABB will ensure Australian manufacturers and producers stay well equipped to remain at the forefront of business development in all areas of manufacturing and production logistics.

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