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FlexLink's new hygienic conveyor system

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INCREASING demands for efficiency and flexibility from industries that require high levels of hygiene provide a technical challenge for suppliers in that specific market.

FlexLink has responded by launching new standardised handling functions and a new hygienic conveyor system suitable for the high demand from customers within the dairy, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

The new handling functions offer a complete distribution system for high-speed filling processes of up to 14,000 units/hour.

FlexLink has increased total line efficiency by minimising re-setting times and increased flexibility by reducing stoppages.

The FIFO buffer, dynamic merger and high capacity star wheel are amongst the new handling functions.

The FIFO buffer offers unique pressure-free buffering of products allowing for the smooth continuous flow of units without contact.

With its automatically controlled in and out feed units the buffer provides for stable and efficient handling of packages and easy balancing in filling and packaging lines.

Following this function, the dynamic merger results in efficient use of factory space providing for a safe working environment. The concept has been refined from an existing solution within the paper converting industry and is used by the major market holders within this industry.

Compared to traditional manual features, the high capacity star wheel turning device is easy to integrate. It is used for the safe and gentle turning of products from labelling to packaging and also provides for high uptime independent of product gaps.

An advantage of FlexLink's new hygienic conveyor system is its ability to accomplish fast and gentle handling without the need for lubrication. This prevents contamination of products conveyed and ultimately results in saving costs on lubricants and their supply systems.

The conveyor system is also easily integrated to the production line and simple to attach to existing equipment and machinery.

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