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FlexLink Systems provide conveyor systems for dairy industry

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FlexLink Systems  provide dairy layouts with flexible production flows with high throughput, high hygienic standards and flexibility. Their offer comprises line layouts, controls, handling functions and the striking new hygienic conveyor.

The 3D logistic flows and space efficient solutions offer compact footprint and a high capacity per square metre. Functions are compact and all line layouts can be supplied in one level or in 3D setups.

For steady production with few changeovers, a classic line is suitable. It can be straight or with gates for increased flexibility. For batch production with daily changeovers, the matrix layout offers fast and easy changeovers from one packer to another.

For the highest efficiency demands, a dynamic matrix offers full dynamic flexibility and the highest possible line efficiency. In addition, dynamic routing from any filler to any packer allows instant re-routing when a packer goes down and mixed packaging to customer order. With separated temperature and hygiene zones, users can enhance further the product shelf life, hygiene and working environment.

Investments in efficient logistic solutions offer the ability to meet changing market needs and increased profitability in operations.

Standardised handling functions include: 

  • Dynamic buffering on conveyors. No back pressure and in combination with chain washers, chain lubrication can be skipped entirely. 
  • Wedges for 3D layouts and constant elevation/loweration. 
  • FIFO buffer for balancing of production flows, capacity <14,000 pcs/h 
  • Diverters, diverting products in trains or individually, capacity <14,000 pcs/h
  • Merge, combining 2 or 3 lanes to one, capacity <14,000 pcs/h 
  • Turning device for safe rotation of products. 
  • Unique design and a capacity <14,000 pcs/h

The handling functions offer safe handling, high uptime, fast ramp-up, and a short delivery time.

FlexLink offers two hygienic conveyor designs: 

  • Hygienic - A state of the art design with unique hygienic features and a self draining design. Designed according to the EHEDG guidelines integrated C.I.P. system as option. 
  • Wash down - A hygienic and washable conveyor system. Designed with industry standard design and washing units as option.

The hygienic conveyor systems, from FlexLink, comply with the standards of European Hygiene Engineering and Design Group, an EU machine directive for safe and hygienic machinery.

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