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article image Larry Cavallaro with the new Flex Pack filler.

CHESSER Chemicals has halved the time it takes to fill its containers of liquid cleaning chemicals and detergents that it formulates and, on top of that, has made major gains with OH&S matters.

The big improvements at the Adelaide-based factory follow the installation of new Flex Pack container filling equipment.

As a manufacturer of a wide range of liquid detergents, disinfectants, solvents and cleaning products, Chesser Chemicals supplies the commercial and industrial markets with a wide range of different size containers, as well as offering a contract packing service.

Operations director Larry Cavallaro said when the time came to acquire the new filling system, Chesser turned to Flex Pack.

“We have dealt with Flex Pack before and because of the reliability of their equipment we decided to stay with Flex Pack.

“The Flex Pack filler has given us a big advantage. For example, one of our typical tasks, that of filling a batch of 25-litre drums, our standard time has come down from approximately 160 minutes to around 40 minutes, depending on the viscosity of the liquid.

"Although we haven't cut down on staff, we now have far less overtime, so the savings go straight to the bottom line,”he said.

"And, we are using the filler unit for a very wide range of detergents and sanitisers. Aggressive chemicals, such chlorine based solutions, are not a problem either."

The other big advantage to which Larry points, is that staff are no longer lifting heavy containers.

Instead, empty containers are placed on a pallet and filled, then another layer of containers is stacked on top by hand and those containers are filled, ready for the forklift to move the pallet to storage.

The long reach that can be achieved with the counter balanced boom, which pivots 180 degrees, and enables the unit to work with more than one pallet at any one time, in fact up to three or four pallets.

"Some of our detergents can foam up when filling the containers, but the long neck on the fill head enables it to reach to the bottom of the biggest containers and bottom fill, thus preventing foaming.

"Altering the volume, for filling different size containers is quick for us . . . this takes less than a minute, and it only takes a few minutes to change the head when we need to fill 200-litre drums.

"Another thing that has turned out well is the accuracy of the unit. The South Australian Government's Weights and Measures Department said we are one of the best they have seen in terms of accuracy.

"This high level of accuracy is especially pleasing for companies that use our contract formulation and packing service.

"We are now well in front on the two big issues - productivity and O.H.&S. And, as well as that, we don't have to worry about accuracy."

The Flex Pack filler has a standard fill range of 0.5 to 1,000 litres and a two speed fill system (up to 3 litres per second, depending on product characteristics) with a batch accuracy of typically 0.5%, often better!

It is designed to be compatible with Clean in Place systems.

Virtually any liquid can be handled - a wide range of chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants and pool chemicals as well as cooking oils and food service products.

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