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Powder Feeders available from Fleming Plastics Dynamics for Injection Moulders

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Color Exact powder feeders available from Fleming Plastics Dynamics are manufactured in Denmark and used as standard in many leading Australian plastics plants.  

Known for superior shot-to-shot accuracy in injection moulding processes, Color Exact powder feeders offer moulders a user-friendly dosing unit with proven reliability.  

While conventional units use a DC motor that ramp up and down at start-up causing dosing inconsistencies, Color Exact powder feeders for injection moulders use a sophisticated 45W brushless step motor with infinite stepped control.  

Manual setting of the metering speed and a built-in timer to set the metering time deliver the same dose cycle-to-cycle, ensuring changes in screw back pressure will not affect accuracy.  

The 4-litre material hopper is made in stainless steel and equipped with an agitator. Since the motor section can be dismantled from the dosing unit, material filling can be done outside the production area.  

The new NP-2 quick-change neckpiece allows operators to remove the Color Exact dosing unit from the machthroat without risk of material spillage or time-consuming purging of the main hopper for quick colour change or repositioning to a different machine.  

Key features of Color Exact Powder Feeders: 

  • Stainless steel material hopper with built-in agitator
  • Interchangeable inside core with standard dosing spiral
  • Quick release of drive unit from dosing unit for ease of operator handling during cleanout or maintenance
  • Quick release from neckpiece
  • Easy clean-out with disassembly
  • Maximum capacity of 20kg/hour
  • New NP-2 neckpiece improves static mixing and includes the material shroud

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