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Illuminated safety vests and GPS modules from Fleetvision

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The PathfinderIR is a thermal imaging camera from Fleetvision that aids the driver to see during driving at night. Night time driving poses a lot of hazards to the driver and the vehicle because of the reduced visibility. The PathfinderIR makes it possible for the driver to see much further in the dark when compared to the distance he can see by turning on his headlights.

The PathfinderIR has been designed to operate in total darkness, rain, smoke and even snow. The PathfinderIR system can be used for both forward as well as reverse viewing of the ambient areas. The PathfinderIR is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environments that are prevalent in construction sites and during long trucking. The wide operating temperature of the PathfinderIR helps it to operate in severe weather conditions.

Fleetvision also supplies a range of illuminated safety vests. These vests are perfect for use in construction areas and in other hazardous areas where the personnel who are working need to be clearly seen. These safety vests come with a battery pack to provide longer illumination. Fleetvision also supplies a range of GPS modules that are used for protecting and tracking a number of boats and vehicles.

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