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Vehicle tracking and navigation technology from Fleetlink GPS

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Fleetlink GPS  offers an easy and an easy and effective management tool for monitoring, organising and communicating with their field staff. FleetlinkGPS is a premium distributor of Navman Wireless Business Solutions that specialises in vehicle tracking and navigation technology.

Navman Online AVL Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management is an efficient management tool which monitors and reports on the activity of vehicles and field staff. This provides better management of fleet and mobile workforce and offers tangible business benefits.

Through the Navman Vehicle Management System, one can locate the vehicles on a computer screen, report historically on vehicle activities, communicate to field staff and navigate them directly to job sites. This is done by using a combination of Global Positioning System technology, mobile phone network, internet, digital mapping and the Navman Online AVL software.

Components of Navman Vehicle Management System include Qube, Online AVL software, M-Nav, MDT and Conex.

The Qube records the Global Positioning System position of the vehicle through satellite. The component also records the events occurring for each vehicle such as ignition on or off, speed, idling, geofence entry or exit; message sent or received, PTO on or off etc. The Qube has a memory and a SIM card which helps in sending information back to the secure Telstra server.

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