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Glycol-based heavy duty engine coolant

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article image Better protection against cavity corrosion.

FLEETGUARD Australia has released a new, fully formulated, Propylene Glycol (PG) based "all engine" coolant - PGPlus. The new PGPlus pre-mixed coolant, provides not only the best engine protection, it also totally fills the needs of customers concerned with the environment and safety issues.

PGPlus has a "no poisons schedule" and is "not classified as hazardous" according to WorkSafe Australia criteria.

Expected total service life of PGPlus is 750,000km or 12,000h or longer if coolant condition passes a simple Quik-Check strip test. Maintain the coolant each 250,000km or 4000h by replacing the appropriate ES slow release DCA4+ chemical filter on systems up to 80L capacity.

For systems over 80L add ES Liquid booster for each 80L of system capacity and if a coolant filter fitted, use a non-chemical ES filter.

Major heavy duty diesel engine manufactures recognise a fully formulated glycol-based coolant as a necessary part of the coolant package, regardless of ambient temperatures encountered.

Being slightly heavier than water and with less surface tension, glycol cushions the shock wave associated with pump and liner cavitation pitting.

Glycol based coolants provide up to 50 per cent better protection against cavitation corrosion and up to 100 per cent better aluminium protection as compared to non-glycol based coolants.

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