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Fleet management services from Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific)

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Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific)  offers asset management and fleet management services using enhanced GPS and short range communication solutions. Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) offers Tracknology to fulfill the entire asset management, recording and reporting requirements for businesses. This service might include parking environment solutions, meter reading, asset inspection, RFID recording and tracking environments, general security, industrial controls and medical control and reporting services.

Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) uses enhanced GPS environments coupled with route optimisation and latest data capture systems.

Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) operates and manages permanent route and distribution fleets for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and importers. Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) operates a significant fleet of new vehicles to fulfill customers supply chain requirements. Contract distribution ranges from single vehicle to large scale fleet with specialised onboard materials handling equipment and technology.

With distribution optimisation systems and PDA's for data capture, Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) offers an integrated distribution operation. Before the implementation of any new contract, Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) conducts a site specific case study to ensure correct fleet numbers and vehicle configurations. Fleet Managers (Asia Pacific) also provides customer specific driver and supervisor training.

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