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Fleet Assist releases new generation forklift fleet management system

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Fleet Assist has released its new generation forklift fleet management system.

The Fleet Assist system helps the operations manager comply with OH&S requirements. Only suitably trained drivers can operate a vehicle and speeding and impacts can be managed. Driver accountability helps control damage bills and assists in maintaining a safer work environment. A reduction in damage expenses of 70% not including stock and racking is not uncommon.

The managers PC offers single page reporting of KPIs, or details down to the individual driver or truck. The standard unit, shown here includes these features:
* Driver access via key pad
* Data logger with truck, driver and time stamping
* Automatic radio data transfer, no data-key or any other manual processes are required
* Impact sensor, including direction of impact
* Pre-operational check
* Hour log for every day
* Service lock-out and service reason
* Comprehensive reporting with KPI’s

Optional features include:
* Forward / reverse interlock
* Card reader access using existing bundy cards
* GPRS internet based central­­­­ised reporting

* Seat belt interlock
* Speed monitoring

The Fleet Assist system is Australian designed and manufactured, with over 1500 units in the field.

The typical user of the Fleet Assist system is a DC, manufacturer or warehouse with 10 ~ 120+ trucks. There may be up to 1200 licensed forklift operators, plus casual drivers. Sweepers, loaders and other vehicles can also be fitted.

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