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Fleet Advantage fuel cards give customers the advantage

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With so many different fuel and diesel card offerings in the marketplace, it is often hard to make informed comparisons. Fleet Advantage is a fuel card that offers lower admin fees and allows customers to take advantage of pre-negotiated fuel discounts.

Some fuel cards offer discounts on fuel, some offer the convenience of acceptance across multiple brands and sites, and some offer more favourable credit and trading terms.

One thing that all these products have in common however, are the monthly card fees and costs. Depending on which card is chosen, these fees can ultimately determine whether there are really any savings being made at all.

Whether they are disguised as transaction fees or monthly admin charges, either way, fees will be incurred. For example, in a fleet of 40 vehicles with a current card that costs $3 per card per month in fees alone, the cost to the business is already $1440 per year to simply have the convenience.

If the same fleet had the Fleet Advantage fuel card, which has an administration card cost of only 0.99 cents per card per month, then the total cost per year would be just $475.20 - a saving of $964.80 per year.

The difference with the Fleet Advantage is that they have negotiated a buying group price arrangement for businesses both big and small. Whether the business is a transport fleet hauling freight, a courier driver running about town, or a tradesman getting the job done, Fleet Advantage understands how hard it is negotiate with the major fuel companies and as such has done all the hard work already.

Fleet Advantage fuel card customers will not only get the lower admin fees but can also take advantage of the pre-negotiated discounts of 4.4 cents per litre off diesel and unleaded and 15 cents per litre off LPG.

All fuel discounts are calculated off the daily Shell card posted price and are available at all Shell/Coles sites nationally.

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