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Spinning cone evaporators from Flavourtech

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Flavourtech  offers a spinning cone evaporator system called Centritherm evaporator. The Centritherm evaporator is a thin film, single-effect, spinning cone evaporator which is ideally suited for to the concentration of heat sensitive and high quality products.

Typical applications of spinning cone evaporator includes concentration of fruit, vegetable juices and purees, concentration of tea and coffee extracts, concentration of floral, herb and spice extracts, concentration of meat, fish, yeast and wort extracts, alcohol removal for the production of low and non-alcohol beer and wine as well as solvent recovery in oleoresin production.

The Centritherm evaporator includes multiple benefits such as low operating temperature, low thermal impact, short residence time, low hold up volume, high concentrations in a single pass, ability to handle viscous products, flexible and hygienic operations.

The Centritherm evaporator operates at an evaporation temperature of 35 to 60 degree Celsius. The Centritherm evaporator can even be fitted with an integrated pre-evaporation stage to increase the concentration of the extract fed to the Centritherm evaporator.

Flavourtech also offers food and beverage processing systems such as Spinning Cone Columns and Integrated Extraction Systems.

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