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Integrated Extraction System and Spinning Cone Column from Flavourtech

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Flavourtech  has developed the Integrated Extraction System to facilitate the manufacture of premium liquid extracts and concentrates. A complete Integrated Extraction System consists of a several modules which include slurry preparation module, flavour extraction module, clarification module, washing module and concentration module.

The system integrates flavour management techniques with soluble solids extraction. The Integrated Extraction System facilitates the production of liquid coffee extracts and coffee concentrates extracts, which contain all of the fresh-roasted flavour of the original bean. The extracts are often better than a fresh brew. In addition to processing coffee and tea, the Integrated Extraction may also be used for other botanicals.

The Integrated Extraction System has various benefits such as extracts and concentrates with fresh brewed factors, flexible operation, control of output and modular constr4uction design.

The Spinning Cone Column is an efficient liquid-gas contacting column which is also known as a distillation or stripping column. The spinning cone column has various benefits like the ability to control profile of flavour extracted, ability to process slurries or viscous purees, short residence time, high mass-transfer efficiency, variable operating temperature, negligible pressure drop, flexible and hygienic operation.

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