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article image The Flamingo Quick-Mix liquidator.

THE new Flamingo Quick-Mix liquidator from Ernest Fleming is what its name suggests - it rapidly liquefies powder/liquid mixes.

The Quick-Mix can save several hours in applications where solids are to be dissolved or dispersed in a liquid.

It has been used to disperse and dissolve sugars, gums, chocolate powders, starch etc. into a liquid stream. The product is uniform and reproducible.

The liquidator can also be used to for liquid/liquid mixes, such as emulsions, by adding liquid, for example, oil into water, continuously or in a batch operation.

The Quick-Mix incorporates the established technology of the Flamingo in-line emulsifier. The Quick-Mix is used to add solids to a batch of liquid or, if solids are added, into a continuous stream of liquid.

The solids are introduced directly into the liquid and immediately dispersed so that they can not form un-wetted "fish eyes" of dry material. The rate of addition of the powder varies according to its properties.

The machine can be used on its own or, more effectively, with a primary pump or a Flamingo in-line emulsifier.

The Quick-Mix is designed and manufactured in Australia and is available in 4kW and 7.5kW. It can be supplied with Exe or flameproof motors. The machine consists of a hopper, powder-addition head and high shear emulsifying pump.

The inlet and discharge piping can be fitted with any standard type of fitting. The machine will be displayed at FoodPro in Sydney.

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