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New Flamingo Laboratory Batch-Type Emulsifiers from Ernest Fleming

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article image Flamingo Laboratory Batch-type Emulsifier

Ernest Fleming  introduces the new Flamingo laboratory batch-type emulsifiers featuring variable speeds from 200 RPM up to 11,000 RPM.  

Designed for multiple industrial, educational and medical applications, the Flamingo high shear emulsifying mixers feature an innovative design and advanced technology to enable users to achieve high shear mixed emulsions.  

Flamingo laboratory batch-type emulsifiers are widely used in factories, scientific research institutions, universities and medical faculties for experimental liquid emulsions.  

Flamingo laboratory batch emulsifiers employ a high rotation speed with extreme precision in the rotor and stators to achieve effective high shear emulsification.  


  • Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Input power: 510W
  • Output power: 300W
  • Maximum capacity: 40L
  • Speed selection: 200 RPM - 11000 RPM
  • Host dimensions: 28cm x 36cm x 75cm
  • Mixing head diameter: φ 70mm
  • Control box dimensions: 24cm x 12cm x 15cm

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