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Flamingo Products  presents a range of clamp-on mixers suitable for various blending, dissolving and dispersing applications in diverse industries.

Flamingo’s standard range of mixers is supplied with a universal swivel bracket, stainless steel coupling, 900mm long stainless steel shaft and stainless steel mirror polished cast propellers.

High speed stirrers in the Flamingo mixer range deliver a high shear action and a relatively low pumping capacity, making them suitable for dissolving solids, aerating liquids and chemical reactions.

Slow speed stirrers have a high pumping capacity but low shear action and are useful for blending miscible liquids as well as maintaining solids in suspension.

Flamingo’s batch stirrers are used in bakeries for homogeneous mixing of ingredients. Designed by expert professionals, these robust batch stirrers are known for their durable finish, smooth and hassle-free operation, unmatched performance and longer functional life. Batch stirrers can be manufactured to customised specifications at an affordable cost.

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