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Flamingo Quick-mix emulsifiers available from Ernest Fleming

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Flamingo Quick-mix emulsifiers available from Ernest Fleming are designed to disperse powders into liquid solutions efficiently and quickly with minimal and simple labour requirement.

The Australian-made stainless steel emulsifiers are used for mixing cosmetics, chemicals, creams, sauces, emulsions and waxes among others.

Functioning as a three-in-one unit comprising of a pump, powder inductor and emulsifier, Flamingo Quick-mix is suitable for adding various powders to free-flowing liquids. Flamingo Products also supplies inline emulsifiers.

Powder is introduced directly into the high shear zone of the Quick-mix emulsifiers. The instant dispersion of powders into the liquid through a changeable screen creates a homogeneous product, which is then continuously recirculated via a holding tank to ensure that the whole batch is identical.

The finished product is then pumped from the emulsifier to a holding tank.

Key features of Flamingo Quick-mix emulsifiers:

  • All contact parts are made from grade 316 stainless steel 
  • External seals provided for sanitary operations and standards 
  • Simple and safe operation 
  • Vast range and choice of screens for unique applications 
  • Easy access for cleaning with no tools required for dismantling tri-clove fittings 
  • Three-in-one machine: powder inductor, emulsifier and centrifugal pump 
  • Options available to suit specific applications and factory standards such as hazardous motors or stainless steel motors

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