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Flamingo-Lao Soung Sieves from Ernest Fleming

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Ernest Fleming  offers Flamingo-Lao Soung sieves that have a wide range of applications from scalping raw materials to screening effluent materials.  

The basic range of LS-450 sieves is predominantly used by food manufactures and bakers for screening flour, nuts and other raw materials where either foreign or course particles may exist.  

Flamingo Lao-Soung sieves are vibratory sieves and can be supplied from one to four decks for grading material by removing fines or course particles to enhance its value.  

Flamingo Lao-Soung sieves are supplied with cleaning balls and lids. The contact parts are made from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.  

The sieves are supplied with an IP55 single phase motor, but are also available in a 415V model.  

Flamingo-Lao Soung sieves are specifically designed for food and chemical applications as they are portable as well as easy to clean and operate.  

The screens have a quick release mechanism and can be easily replaced.  

Flamingo carries several units in stock and can also supply, change as well as provide parts and spares.

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