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Extinguisher cabinets and hose reel cabinets from FlameStop Australia

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FlameStop Australia  offers a wide range of fire equipment products such as extinguisher cabinets, fire hose reel cabinets, Misc cabinets, UV covers and cabinet accessories.

Misc cabinets includes hydrant cover, sprinkler spares box, log book cabinet and breakglass for key while the extinguisher cabinet range includes galvanised 4.5 and 9 kilograms metal breakglass cabinets and 9 kilograms fibreglass extinguisher cabinet.

Hose reel cabinets include flat pack hose reel cabinet and hose cabinet while UV covers include small and large UV extinguisher bags, hose reel PVC covers and PVC mobile fire extinguisher cover. Cabinet accessories include replacement lock for cabinets.

Fixed fire systems includes 45 kilograms cylinder valve, half inch CO2 nozzle, CO2 system check nozzle, CO2 system valve body, CO2 manual and pressure actuator and 450 millimetres CO2 hose.

FlameStop Australia supplies caps, coupling and adaptors. The hydrant blanking cap range includes plastic thread blanking cap and brass thread blanking cap. Washers include 65 millimetres coupling washers, flat coupling washers and 38 and 65 millimetres Storz coupling washers. FlameStop Australia also supplies hydrant covers, hydrant pressure testers, nozzles, branches and tails, hose reels and hose reel accessories.

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