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Alarm testing equipment and extinguisher clamps from FlameStop Australia

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FlameStop Australia  offers a wide range of extinguisher labels, extinguisher signage, fire exit signs, hose reel, hydrant, miscellaneous signage products, sirens, smoke alarms and hydrant gears as well as alarm testing and pumps equipment.

Alarm testing equipment includes smoke detector sensor, hand held canned smoke, fibreglass telescopic extension pole and detector removal pole. The pump range includes Flamstop jacking pump, automatic jacking pump system, jacking pump check valves and gauges.

Hydrant gear includes clamps, tools, hydrant covers, hydrant pressure testers, hydrant tools and access, lay flat hose, nozzles, branches and tails.

FlameStop Australia offers filing and testing equipment which includes extinguisher clamps, hydrostatic equipment, powder equipment and miscellaneous equipment. Extinguisher clamps includes air clamp and manual voice clamp while the hydrostatic equipment includes hydrostatic test pump and hydrostatic test panel. Other products include mini filling rigs, powder filling rigs and digital spring scales.

Extinguisher spare parts includes pumps, cylinders, hydrant gear, handles, rivets, gauges, horns and diffusers, hoses, miscellaneous parts, pins, replacement heads, valve stems, extinguisher brackets and dip tubes. General consumables include foam concentrates, replacement powder and wet chemical drums.

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