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USB-1602HS data acquisition module from Firetail DAQ

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Firetail DAQ  data acquisition products Australia have released the latest addition to the high performance range of multifunction USB data acquisition modules, the USB-1602HS from Measurement Computing.

The USB-1602HS is a multifunction, high-speed, test, measurement and control module supported under Microsoft Windows operating systems. It features 16-bit, single-ended analogue inputs with one A/D converter per channel, sample rates of 2MS/s pre channel and simultaneous sampling. The input range is software programmable for ±10 V, ±2.5 V, or ±500 mV.

The USB-1602HS also has 16 synchronous digital inputs and 16 synchronous digital outputs; four 16-bit or 32-bit counters (which can be configured to be gated); two timer/pulse width modulation (PWM) generators; and three 16-bit or 32-bit quadrature detectors to measure linear and rotary position. Two optional synchronous 16-bit ±10 V analogue outputs are available (-2AO versions), which can generate waveforms up to 1 MHz per channel. The USB-1602HS sample the analogue inputs, digital inputs, and counter inputs simultaneously. They can synchronise AI, AO, and DIO operations at rates of up to 1 MS/s, with aggregate throughput up to 8 MS/s. Operations can be paced with an internal or external clock.

A 68-pin SCSI connector provides connections for all inputs and outputs. Four BNC connectors provide alternate connections for the two or four analogue inputs, external pacer clock, and external digital trigger input. A 500 VDC minimum isolation between field wiring and the USB interface protects the computer from ground spikes. The device is powered by a 5VDC, 2A external power supply that is included with shipment. Factory and self-calibration tables are stored onboard in an EEPROM.

Software included with the USB-1602HS and USB-1602HS-2AO modules is extensive, including TracerDAQ , a full-featured, data logging, viewing, and analysis application; Universal Library, programming libraries and drivers for popular Windows-based programming languages; Universal Library for LabVIEW, VIs and programme examples for LabVIEW; and InstaCa installation, calibration and test utility.

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