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StrainBook/616 Ethernet-based strain gage measurement systems from Firetail DAQ

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IOtech's StrainBook/616 is a compact range of portable strain gage measurement systems available in Australia from Firetail DAQ .

Designed to connect to the PC’s Ethernet port, the StrainBook/616 Ethernet-based strain gage measurement systems feature a built-in 16-bit, 1 MHz A/D converter that scans all selected channels at 1 µsec per channel and continuously transmits acquired data to the PC in real time.

The StrainBook hardware includes simultaneous sample and hold (SSH) amplifiers on every channel. When the SSH option is turned on, all channels are measured within 100 ns of each other.

WaveView software is included with the WaveBook, providing all set-up, data acquisition, real-time display and storage to disk without having to program.

WaveView supports up to 64 channels of strain, voltage, or sound/vibration inputs. Comprehensive drivers are included for DASYLab, NI LabVIEW, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET for applications beyond 64 channels, or for custom applications.

The WaveBook includes 8 built-in channels expandable up to 72 channels consisting of voltage, accelerometers, microphones, strain gages, thermocouples, position encoders, frequency, high voltage and other signal types.

For applications beyond 72 channels, up to four WaveBooks can be combined within one measurement system for a total capacity of 288 channels. Up to 854 thermocouples can be added without consuming measurement bandwidth of the WaveBooks, using the WBK40 Series and DBK90 signal conditioning options.

Key features of StrainBook/616 strain gage measurement systems:

  • 8 channels built-in, expandable up to 64 channels per StrainBook 
  • Multiple StrainBooks can be synchronised for applications >64 channels 
  • Expansion options for voltage, temperature, vibration and sound measurements 
  • High-speed Ethernet interface for continuous measurement transfer to the PC 
  • 1 MHz scanning A/D converter, with simultaneous sample and hold on each channel 
  • 100% programmable 
  • Full, half, and quarter arm support 
  • 60 to 1000 Ohm bridge 
  • Software-selected Shunt-Cal 
  • Independent filter per channel 
  • Programmable excitation source 
  • DC operable for in-vehicle applications

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