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New series USB data acquisition module available from Firetail DAQ

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Firetail DAQ,  the Australian distributor for Measurement Computing, has released two high-speed additions to their growing USB data acquisition product line: the USB-1608HS and the USB-1608HS-2AO.

These new USB data acquisition modules provide true simultaneous data capture of up to eight channels of 16-bit single ended or differential analogue input at 250 kHz per channel.

Both units include 16 bits of digital I/O and an extensive suite of software.

The USB-1608HS-2AO has an additional two channels of 16-bit analogue output with a range of -10 to +10 volts. The USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS-2AO set new standards for high-performance USB data acquisition modules.

Both the USB-1608HS and 1608HS-2AO use a separate A/D converter for each channel. Each device is capable of acquiring data in either a software paced or continuous scan mode.

Additional key test and measurement features include:

  • Differential inputs offer increased accuracy by reducing measurement errors caused by ground loops and noise as seen with single-ended measurements
  • An analogue trigger function lets you start and control analogue input acquisitions based on the value of a digital or analogue signal
  • A synchronisation input line allows you to provide an external sampling clock for the analogue inputs. A synchronisation output line lets you output the internal or external sampling clock of the analogue inputs to synchronise other devices in your system
  • The two independent 16-bit analogue output channels on the USB-1698HS-2AO can be configured with a remote sensing option to compensate for voltage drop errors that may occur at the field device

The USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS-2AO ship with an impressive array of software included in the MCC DAQ Software CD and is supported by the Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating systems.

The disk includes applications, drivers, and libraries that meet the needs of programmers and nonprogrammers alike.

TracerDAQ: Powerful, DAQ application features strip chart, oscilloscope, function generator and rate generator virtual instruments

InstaCal: Easy-to-use installation, calibration, and test utility

Universal Library: Programming library for developing applications to control Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware using Windows and .NET programming languages

UL for LabVIEW: LabVIEW drivers for Measurement Computing data acquisition hardware

The USB-1608HS and USB-1608HS-2AO are also compatible with measurement studio—MCC Edition, DASYLab and other third party data acquisition application software.

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