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New USB counter/timer modules available from Firetail DAQ

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Firetail DAQ  have announced the release of two new counter/timer devices for the USB bus from Measurement Computing. Firetail DAQ supply USB-4301 and USB-4303 from Measurement Computing. USB-4301 is a 5-channel, 16-bit counter/timer based on the powerful 9513 series chip.

The USB-4303 is a 10-channel version, based on two 9513 series chips. The products emulate Measurement Computing PCI-CTR05 and PCI-CTR10 counter/timer classics. These units with input frequencies of up to 20MHz are suited to event counting, PWM, frequency measurement and division, duty cycle generation and more. The 9513 chip has five independent 16-bit counters (65,536 counts).

Each counter has an input source, internal count register, load register, hold register, output, and gate. The 9513 is software-programmable for event counting, pulse and frequency measurement, alarm comparisons, and other input functions.

The 9513 can generate frequencies with either complex duty cycles, or with one-shot and continuous-output modes. Users can chain up to five 9513 counters together using software to enable a 32-, 48-, 64-, or 80-bit counter that does not require hardware connections.

The gate source and gating functions are software-programmable. An eight-bit, high-current digital output port provides logic-level control, and can be used to switch solid state relays. An eight-bit digital input port can be used to sense contact closures and other TTL level signals.

The USB-4301 and USB-4303 counter timer devices come packaged in an impact resistant ABS plastic enclosure measuring a mere 130mm by 90mm and have two rows of 24 clearly labelled screw terminals for convenient wiring both in the lab or in the field however 37 pin D connector versions are available for easy upgrades from existing ISA or PCI bus applications.

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