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Firetail DAQ release new eight channel quadrature encoder module

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article image USB-QUAD08 encoder module

Firetail DAQ  Australia have released the latest addition to the high performance range of USB data acquisition modules, the unique USB-QUAD08, from Measurement Computing.

With eight incremental quadrature encoders the USB-QUAD08 features simultaneous input and decoding. Large capacity and up to 48-bit resolution, 10 MHz counters, and jitter at less than 1 µsec makes the USB-QUAD08 truly unique.

It can also serve as a high-speed pulse counter for general counting applications. The eight quadrature counters accept differential and single-ended inputs with indicator LEDs and feature multiple programmable counting modes.

There are eight digital IO bits which support up to 40.2 volt inputs with clamping diodes for EMF suppression. Connections are made through detachable screw terminals and for even more versatility has two 37-pin D-sub connectors are pin-compatible with Measurement Computing’s PCI-QUAD04 so upgrading or migration from existing PCI, ISA or PCM installations is a breeze.

Full featured and easy to use, the USB-QUAD08 has the high channel count, speed, resolution and functionality to meet any need in quadrature encoding. Software included with the USB-QUAD-08 modules is extensive, including TracerDAQ, a full-featured, data logging, viewing, and analysis application; Universal Library, programming libraries and drivers for most popular Windows-based programming languages; Universal Library for LabVIEW, VIs and programme examples for LabVIEW; and InstaCal installation, calibration and test utility.

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