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Fire and emergency management consulting services from Firetac (Aust)

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Firetac (Aust)  is a fire and emergency management consultants which provides inspection, auditing, emergency plan and procedure development, post-incident investigation, healthcare accreditation programs and general fire and emergency management consulting services.

Firetac (Aust) offers safety equipment called Res-Q Grip evacuation handle is a simple yet an effective tool which utilises existing resources such as bed linens, slide sheets and blankets. When the evacuation handle is attached to any strong blanket or sheet, it transforms into an emergency stretcher which can be dragged and used to move a patient clear of danger. Evacuation handle provides easy use and storage solutions and is an important tool in any evacuation process involving semi and non-ambulant occupancy.

Firetac (Aust) provides a wide range of independent inspection and auditing services which includes fire safety and compliance audits, due diligence audits; healthcare industry security audits and standards of service reviews. The conduct of regular fire safety compliance audits assists in risk management strategies by providing up to date information regarding compliance with mandatory requirements.

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