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Video surveillance systems from Firepro Systems

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Firepro Systems  is a manufactures and supplies a range of quality security and fire systems for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia. Major products from Firepro Systems include fire detection systems, home automation and security systems, PA systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems and perimeter protection systems.

Firepro Systems manufactures a range of fire detection systems. These products are made using cutting edge technology. There are three types of fire detection systems that are available from Firepro Systems, these are intelligent addressable system, conventional system and hybrid system.

The intelligent addressable system quickly detects the fire and its source. The control system of the intelligent addressable system is designed in such a way so as to be able to effectively detect the exact location of the fire.

The conventional fire detection system from Firepro Systems is ideal for use in apartments, commercial complexes and industries. There are various types of detectors that are used in this system like photoelectric, beam, heat and multi-sensing detectors. In the event of a fire, the conventional system triggers an alarm that enables residents to evacuate the building quickly. The hybrid fire detection systems from Firepro Systems combines the best features of the intelligent addressable system and the conventional system.

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