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Smoke detectors from Firepro Systems

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Firepro Systems  is a well established company that supplies quality fire detection systems to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia. Firepro Systems was established in 1992 for providing fire safety and protection services to the Australian and other markets in the world.

In the ensuing years the products and services offerings of Firepro Systems has grown significantly to include home automation and security systems and PA systems. The products that are supplied by Firepro Systems products are very reliable and they comply with all the applicable Australian standards of quality, design and safety.

Some of the leading companies who have installed Firepro Systems security products in their work places are Huawei, Lucent India, Motorola, L & T, Calico Software, Astra Zeneca, Microsoft, Oracle, Texas Instruments and Intel.

The range of Home automation products from Firepro Systems consist of alarm systems, surveillance systems, door phones and access controls. The intrusion alarm system from Firepro Systems detects any unauthorised entry through doors, other entry and exit points including windows.

Once an intrusion is detected, the intrusion alarm system sounds an alert by triggering off an alarm. This intrusion alarm system from Firepro Systems also includes leak detectors, smoke detectors, panic buttons and auto dialers.

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