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Firefly Marketing discuss importance of social marketing

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According to Firefly Marketing , public relations and direct mails are the answers for businesses to market themselves when there is a financial crunch.

Firefly Marketing define public relations as getting right back to basics and networking with the people who buy products. Alongside traditional newsletters, offers, media releases, loyalty programmes and clubs, business-to-business marketers consider the new world of ‘social marketing’.

Firefly Marketing advocate contributions to special interest forums on the Internet and run blogs using services like WordPress.

Businesses should choose the right forums to expose themselves to a targeted and well qualified audience. Conservative marketers who observe approval protocols cannot manage social marketing in the same way as advertising.

Firefly Marketing point to the natural, informal tone of blogs and their need to be constantly updated. Blogs do not encourage revisions.

While contributing in a forum, people must participate in the conversation with timely comments. For social marketing, an understanding of customers, a crystallised set of marketing messages and good communicators in the team are essential.

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