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Height safety training from Fire and Safety Australia

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According to Fire and Safety Australia , it is a legislative requirement for employers to provide training to personnel who may be required to undertake work at height or supervise those who do. Employers should look for reliable Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) like Fire and Safety Australia that can provide nationally recognised training.

Training should be nationally recognised and take into account the requirements listed in Australian Standard 1891.4 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems, Harnesses and devices – Selection, Use and Maintenance.

This Training should be based upon the unit of competency MNMG237A, which includes training in:

  • OH&S Legislation, Height Safety Regulations and Australian Standards
  • Correct use of height safety equipment
  • Elevated working platforms and scaffolds
  • Case studies from industry
  • Risk assessment and Hierarchy of Hazard Control
  • Management and employee responsibilities
  • Fall arrest devices and safety equipment
  • Safe ladder techniques
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance requirements
  • Setting up a fall restraint system
  • Emergency procedures including height rescue procedures
  • Suspension trauma
  • Developing site procedures and safe work methods

The selection of the type of training to be carried out must be based on the tasks that workers may be asked to perform at height. Some of the common tasks include undertaking work in elevated working platforms, carrying out risk assessments and/or work at height permits, undertaking the rescue of casualties from height.

Regular Training is an effective control measure in the minimisation of risks for work conducted at height. Regular Training and emergency scenarios should focus on enhancing skills by exposing personnel to a variety of different situations. Regular Training is a control measure that cannot be ignored to prevent injuries and fatalities whilst working at height.

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