Fire Protection Technologies

Special Hazard fire detection and suppression systems. Explosion venting systems Explosion detection and suppression systems.

Products include FM-200, ProInert, Novec 1230 and Carbon Dioxide gaseous extinguishing systems, foam, wet chemical and dry chemical fire extinguishing systems.
Fire Detection systems include Linear detection, fibre optical linear detection, video smoke and flame detection and specific flame detection.


Supplier news
28/03/08 - Fire Protection Technologies offers fire detection systems such as flame detection and linear heat detection systems. Range of flame detection systems includes CCTV Flame Detector, Hydrogen Flame Optical Detector.
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27/03/08 - Fire Protection Technologies provides a wide range of fire suppression systems which includes Carbon Dioxide, Inert gas, Novec, foam systems, pre engineered systems, water mist and marine systems while the fire diction range includes flame detection
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26/03/08 - Fire Protection Technologies specialises in explosion protection, fire suppression and fire detection systems. Explosion protection system range includes explosion suppression and isolation, spark detection and suppression as well as explosion ventin

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Fire Protection Technologies Brands

AFFF Foam Badger CO2 FE-227 FE-25 Fike Flamex FM-200 Novec 1230 Protectowire Sevo Systems

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