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Impulse water mist system from Fire Fighting Technologies International

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Fire Fighting Technologies International  distributes unique impulse water mist system manufactured by Impulse Fire Extinguishing Technology (IFEX Technologies). The water mist systems are characterised by low, medium or high pressure with either continuous flow, or interruptable flow or even impulse (shot).

The impulse water mist system can be either fixed, stationery or mobile forms. The impulse technology is protected by approximately 100 patents worldwide. These products have been tested extensively by defence, fire brigades and private institutions in over 50 countries over the last 15 years.

The fire extinguishing technology used in impulse water mist system discharges the extinguishing agent at a very high velocity. The pressure chamber has 25 bars of air pressure; this provides the high discharge velocity. The extinguishing agent is pressurized with 6 bars into the water chamber.

The air resistance acting on the water stream breaks the water droplets down and reduces the normal mean droplet size. Thus it reduces the temperature in confined rooms from around 1000 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius within seconds.

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