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Thermal analysis from Finite Elements

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Finite Elements  is specialised in providing finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics analysis. This analysis method performed by Finite Elements because of its capability to handle complex loading situations in combination with complex geometry. Finite Elements uses non linear analysis approach for prediction of a particular load which contributes to buckling failure.

Finite Elements can calculate the laminate strength safety factors on the basis of Tsai-Hill criteria. The FEA analysis procedure developed by Finite Elements indicates low safety factor areas of the laminate by the action of chemicals.

The FEA methodology used by Finite Elements has been successful in determining stress points as well as modal frequency of fibre glass stacks that have developed flange failures. Thermal analysis had also been conducted by Finite Elements.

Venturi top design by Finite Elements consists of a detailed design development which includes thermal analysis, stress analysis as well as deflection analysis. Thermal analysis has also been conducted on lamps with quartz glass cover. FEA modelling was conducted on infra red section of this device for the simulation of thermal deflections. The FEA model that has been constructed by Finite Elements is also used for checking stress concentrations as well as stress levels of a crane wheels.

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