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Mobile filtration units featured at AIMEX

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Filter Technology Australia  will feature fixed and mobile filtration units and systems with patented technology designed to remove particulate contamination down to 2 microns on Stand 0122.
According to the company, this results in dramatically increased equipment component life, oil life and, in the case of diesel-powered units, reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide and particulate emissions.
The systems are designed to filter lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, solvents or fuel “to remarkable cleanliness ratings for prolonged periods and could be a user’s best-ever bottom line decision,” FTA representative Chris Wells said.
Filtration units and systems on show at AIMEX will include the FM50462 Mobile Filter Buggy for small hydraulic reservoirs such as those on heavy equipment, gear boxes, final drives, and blow and injection moulders; the FM71012 Mechanical Drive Filtration Unit which uses a kidney loop filtration process to filter the existing oil in mechanical drive trucks differential and final drives; the FM40446 Fixed Filtration System, a self-contained unit with an electric driven pump and motor designed for large gearboxes and hydraulic systems on large trucks and excavators; and the FM40325 Fixed Diff Filtration System, designed for the on-board filtration of mechanical drive truck differentials.
All FTA products are built under ISO 9002 License 12989 Standards Australia.
“In this world of high component cost and expensive downtime, maintaining diesel fuel and oil cleanliness is the key to improved plant and equipment efficiency.”
FTA products are used in coal and minerals mining equipment such as earth moving, drilling, conveying, coal washing and loading facilities, and light vehicle fleets.

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