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Bulk materials handling with Bart transporters from Filquip

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Filquip Pty Ltd  presents an innovative solution for bulk materials handling with the Bart transporter from Air-Tec System.

Designed for dense phase pneumatic transport, the Bart is a small dimension vessel suitable for transporting fragile dust or materials that tend to agglomerate, for distances up to 20 metres. Capable of a capacity of 1 ton/hr and a pressure capacity up to 2 bar, Bart transporters are particularly suitable for humid environments and the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Air-Tec System’s technology allows the movement of powder and granules inside a pipeline. The Bart dense phase pneumatic conveying system is completely closed with few moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

The conveyance line is emptied after each loading. The low velocity preserves the quality of the transported material and maintains the condition of the pipeline. The system uses a reduced quantity of air, saving energy in the process.

Key features of Bart transporters:

  • Capacity of 24 litres
  • 150mm diameter loading mouth
  • Outlet of 1.5”, 2” or 3” diameter
  • Constructed of mild steel, AISI304 and AISI316
  • Also available for high temperatures (up to 200ºC) and to suit ATEX21 and ATEX22 settings
Bart transporters have been installed for pneumatic conveying of glass mixed powders at Saint Gobain Group, plastic granules at Rialti, and ashes at Hera Group.

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