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Boosters from Filquip for pneumatic transport

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Available from Filquip Pty Ltd , Booster is the heart of Air-Tec System’s solutions for pneumatic transport in dense phase.

Located in the line of the material flow and fed by a parallel line of air, boosters homogenise the passage of the product inside the pipe and control the flow rate of the transportation. The boosters introduce compressed air inside the pipe that transports the product. The air can be adjusted to allow for a high level of efficiency and a reduction of air consumption.

The boosters can also be used as an auxiliary to the conveyor systems in dilute phase. Where there are routes with multiple destinations, the installation of an electro-pneumatic valve allows for the passage of air to any destination that is ready.

Air-Tec System’s Booster comes complete with pressure gauge, capacity regulator, flex tube, ½" nipple, straight fast connection and 90º fast connection to connect the booster with the regulator.

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