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Water-based semi-permanent mould releases

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XTEND W-78361 and W-7836 are two new water-based semi-permanent mould releases from AXEL Plastics Research Laboratories, represented by Fibreglass Material Services .

W-7836 series mould releases are Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) free, non-flammable and odour-free. They are capable of extended performance from composite tooling surfaces, including epoxy.

The mould releases offer composite moulders consistent, easy release of parts in either matte or gloss finish.

The W-7836 series matte finish parts are suitable for epoxy wind turbine blade production. Wind turbine manufacturers can achieve up to 50% higher production rates on uniform matte finish parts by using XTEND W-7836D in the moulding process compared with standard mould releases. Gloss parts are suitable for polyester gel coated applications.

XTEND W-7836 series mould releases are aqueous emulsions that can be sprayed or wiped on FRP, epoxy or metal moulds. AXEL also offers a mould primer/sealer (XTEND WS-36) that can be applied prior to two coats of the mould release.

All of AXEL's products are formulated from raw materials that comply with the chemical substance inventory lists of TOSCA, DSL, METI, EINECS, Australia and Korea.

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