Festo News

Adaptive shape gripper DHEF by Festo picks up anything
13.03.2019 - The DHEF adaptive shape gripper uses a silicone cap to precisely adapt to a wide range of geometries
VTEM motion terminal heralds a revolution in automation
02.03.2019 - The brand new VTEM Motion Terminal propels pneumatics into the era of Industry 4.0 with apps that can replace over 50 individual standard components.
New DFPD quarter turn actuators for process automation
19.10.2018 - Festo introduces a new range of quarter turn actuators designed to set new standards in process automation.
Compact flow sensors for monitoring compressed air use
14.10.2018 - The SFAH flow sensor from Festo allows for easy and cost-effective monitoring of compressed air use.
Space saving linear axes and mini slides from Festo
12.02.2018 - Festo presents the low-cost linear axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC, which can be easily combined into space-saving handling systems.
Modular servo press kit for high precision electronics manufacturing
06.02.2018 - The new servo press kit from Festo offers manufacturers of high-precision electronics an easy-to-use alternative to traditional press control systems.
High flexibility Festo PUN-H tubing resisting hydrolysis and microbes
04.02.2018 - Polyurethane-based tubes are highly popular in standard applications primarily due to their excellent flexibility.
Modular angle seat valve minimising complexity in process applications
26.06.2017 - The VZXA from Festo is a modular and highly adaptable angle seat valve series suitable for process applications across diverse industries.
New online tool helps design, configure and order handling systems quickly
30.04.2017 - Festo has introduced a new online engineering tool that allows users to configure and order standard handling systems in three easy steps.
EMCA positioning drives for demanding manufacturing environments
27.04.2017 - The EMCA positioning drive available from Festo features a compact and high performance design for use in demanding manufacturing environments.
DHAS series flexible gripper finger for gentle and safe gripping
25.04.2017 - Festo introduces a new flexible range of gripper fingers designed to offer gentle gripping, low-vibration transport and impact-free placement.
New compact pressure sensor extends Festo’s pressure sensing range
07.02.2017 - Festo announces the release of a new range of compact pressure sensors designed for process and factory automation applications.
New lightweight and economical rotary actuator and sensor from Festo can be installed in seconds
18.07.2016 - Festo presents the DRVS, a new semi-rotary drive offering powerful rotation and featuring a lightweight and compact design.
Festo extends VUVS and VUVG ranges with new cost-effective solenoid valves
12.07.2016 - Festo has introduced a new range of economically priced solenoid valves to its existing suite of VUVS and VUVG standard single valves.
Top tips for increasing energy efficiency in pneumatic systems
12.07.2016 - A new Festo guide, EnergyEfficiency@Festo provides several tips on maximising energy savings in pneumatic production processes.
Pinch valves for reliable shut off of media flows – VZQA
20.08.2015 - The VZQA pinch valves from Festo offer an ideal alternative to conventional valves in applications requiring smooth media flows and reliable shut-off.
Linear actuator that’s tough on the outside and smart on the inside - DFPI-NB3
16.08.2015 - Festo presents a new range of linear actuators delivering exceptionally tough performance with an integrated displacement encoder.
Festo presents the latest projects from the Bionic Learning Network at Hannover Fair 2015
01.05.2015 - Festo presented its new bionic projects BionicANTs, eMotionButterflies and FlexShapeGripper at the recent Hannover Messe 2015.
Festo’s new SBSI vision sensor providing cost-effective entry level solution for industrial image processing
27.04.2015 - Festo introduces a new vision sensor designed to provide a user-friendly and cost-effective entry-level solution for industrial image processing.
New standard NAMUR valve from Festo
24.04.2015 - Festo introduces the standard NAMUR valve VSNC, certified worldwide in accordance with the relevant explosion protection standards.
Festo releases MPA-C Clean Design valve terminal for the food industry
23.04.2015 - Festo presents the new MPA-C Clean Design valve terminals for use in food and beverage industry applications.
Festo releases standard DDPC cylinder for large loads
13.11.2014 - Festo introduces a new standard DDPC cylinder designed to position large loads.
Festo demonstrates bionic kangaroo
14.08.2014 - Like its natural model, the BionicKangaroo can recover the energy generated when jumping, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.
Festo launches new compact drive safety systems
15.07.2014 - Festo introduces a new compact safety system offering the option of integrated drive monitoring for one axis.
New Festo valves increasing hygiene in the food and pharma industries
09.07.2013 - The VZQA proportional media valve (EPDM diaphragm) from Festo has been available since May 2013 with certification considered important for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Integration can improve efficiency and productivity
05.07.2013 - Function integration reduces the time associated with maintenance and by using pre-assembled units installation times are reduced by 60 percent.
Optimised Motion Series from Festo - Electric cylinder EPCO and motor controller CMMO-ST
13.06.2013 - Festo presents the Optimised Motion Series, a low cost system with optimised performance.
Compact, precise, resilient pneumatic drives from Festo
28.05.2013 - Festo presents the DRRD semi-rotary drives with piston designed to set new standards in process automation.
Festo compact vision system with new image sensor brings costs into focus
27.05.2013 - A new range of compact vision systems from Festo brings image processing costs back in focus.
Festo semi-rotary drives - better at every turn
24.05.2013 - DSM swivel modules from Festo are designed for powerful, sturdy and precise swivelling of heavy loads.
Toothed belt and spindle axes with greater safety
23.05.2013 - The EGC toothed belt and spindle axes from Festo have now been expanded with crucial safety elements.
Festo soft start/quick exhaust valves for gentle, powerful compressed air preparation
22.05.2013 - The electro-pneumatically actuated soft start/quick exhaust valves from Festo are ideal for applications with a high flow rate and limited installation space that require a high pressurisation and exhaust volume.
Festo introduces new DSBG tie rod cylinders with better cushioning
20.05.2013 - Festo introduces a new range of tie rod cylinders to the DSBx range.
Festo’s extensions for CPX electrical terminals
17.05.2013 - Festo presents the CPX extension designed to address cabinet space constraints, which develop with increasing system requirements.
Festo electric cylinders
16.05.2013 - Electric cylinders from Festo are designed for performance and versatile application range, and come in a choice of different models.
Pneumatic standard cylinder targets inefficiency
06.03.2013 - Automation equipment supplier, Festo has released the pneumatic standard cylinder DSBC with innovative PPS self-adjusting air cushioning.
Less is more for Festo standard cylinders with PPS cushioning
20.02.2013 - Standard cylinders from Festo are now available with PPS cushioning to deliver several benefits including less shock, noise, cleaning and wear.
Festo OGGB grippers for invisible gripping
18.12.2012 - Festo presents the OGGB grippers designed to deliver a low-contact, reliable and silent solution for the transport of thin, flexible workpieces such as plastic sheets, paper or wood veneer.
Festo VTSA valve terminals
17.12.2012 - Considered a champion among ISO valve terminals, the VTSA size 3 from Festo takes performance to the next level.
Festo pneumatic drives for high-quality end-position cushioning
14.12.2012 - Festo presents a new range of pneumatic drives designed for high quality end-position cushioning.
Festo EGC-HD electric drives with heavy duty axis
13.12.2012 - Festo presents a range of electric drives featuring a heavy duty axis for high loads that require efficient and powerful transport.
Festo pneumatic actuators replace electric actuators at water treatment plant to reduce cost
12.12.2012 - Festo pneumatic actuators were used to replace electric actuators during the upgrade of a water treatment plant in Hermanus on South Africa’s Cape Whale Coast.
New automated warehousing system for surgical instruments uses Festo electric drives
11.12.2012 - A fully automated sterile warehouse for surgical instruments has been set up in a Copenhagen hospital to process the instruments for the operating theatre.
In-line alloy wheel testing system achieves high throughput with Festo’s handling gantry
10.12.2012 - A ready-to-install handling gantry from Festo is helping a fully automatic in-line alloy wheel testing system achieve high throughput rates in quality checks.
Festo develops the SmartInversion inversion drive
07.12.2012 - The SmartInversion inversion drive was developed by Festo engineers by applying the basic principle of ‘forced movement’ whereby, when one part of the system moves, the entire system moves with it.
Festo SPTW pressure transmitters for fluids and gases
06.12.2012 - Festo presents a range of pressure transmitters for measuring the pressure of aggressive fluids.
Festo offers a wide variety of vacuum suction grippers and suction cups
25.09.2012 - Festo designs a wide range of vacuum grippers and suction cups.
Low contact OGGB grippers from Festo use the Bernoulli principle
25.09.2012 - Festo introduces the fast, low-contact grip wafers as a real alternative to suction cups for handling highly sensitive solar cells and other fragile workpieces.
Pneumatic safety valves from Festo
25.07.2012 - Festo pneumatic safety valves are certified and tested units that can be integrated into new or existing circuits.
MS Series compressed air preparation units from Festo
24.07.2012 - The MS Series of compressed air preparation units from Festo covers all filtration levels to suit various different applications.
Hygienic automation technology in food production
28.05.2012 - Automation technology in food production aims to protect the consumer and the manufacturer’s brand by ensuring hygiene, efficiency, productivity and taste.
Latest-generation electromechanical axes set new performance for motion control industry
05.03.2012 - Suitable for use in gantry-type materials handling, supplying and transporting systems, the new EGC electromechanical axes offer exceptional feed force, speed, acceleration and torque resistance chara
Festo’s pneumatic cylinders for the food industry feature self-adjusting PPS cushioning
25.01.2012 - The CRDSNU round cylinders and DSBF ISO cylinders from Festo feature self-adjusting PPS cushioning to enable easy adjustment of hygienic drives and facilitate simple commissioning.
Festo presents DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders
06.12.2011 - Festo presents the DSBF Clean Design standard cylinders for use in the food industry.
DGRF Clean Design guided drives from Festo
05.12.2011 - Festo presents the DGRF range of Clean Design guided drives designed for use in the food industry.
DFPI controlled linear actuators from Festo
01.12.2011 - Festo presents the DFPI integrated linear actuators designed for all process valves.
Sturdy VZXF angle seat valves from Festo for process automation applications
29.11.2011 - Festo presents the sturdy VZXF universal valves designed for process automation applications. The VZXF angle seat valves are ideal for all tasks involving the control of contaminated or highly viscous
Festo offers VZWD direct operated solenoid valves
25.11.2011 - Festo presents the VZWD direct operated solenoid valves suitable for operation in high pressure conditions with low flow rates.
VZWF series force pilot operated solenoid valves available from Festo
24.11.2011 - Festo offers the VZWF series force pilot operated solenoid valves designed to be operated without differential pressure.
VZWP series servo-controlled solenoid valves from Festo
10.11.2011 - The new VZWP series of servo-controlled solenoid valves available from Festo extends the existing VZWM series for greater versatility in application.
SFAM flow sensors available from Festo
04.11.2011 - Festo presents a compact range of SFAM flow sensors capable of high flow rates.
OVEM vacuum generators from Festo
10.10.2011 - Festo presents the new OVEM modular vacuum generators that integrate a wide range of functions in one unit for individual selection.
CMXR-C2 robotic controllers from Festo
07.10.2011 - CMXR-C2 robotic controllers from Festo combine the convenience of a robotic controller with the flexibility of a PLC.
CPX-4AE-P pressure sensor modules from Festo
05.10.2011 - Festo presents a range of I/O modules designed for all processes with pressure sensors.
DFPB quarter-turn actuators from Festo
03.10.2011 - DFPB quarter-turn actuators from Festo are available in single-acting and double-acting versions to offer economy and adaptability in a wide range of process applications.
SBOC-M-R1B-H intelligent compact vision systems from Festo
30.09.2011 - SBOC-M-R1B-H intelligent compact vision systems available from Festo are an innovative and inexpensive alternative to classic high-speed cameras in production applications.
VPPM proportional pressure regulators from Festo
28.09.2011 - Festo offers VPPM proportional pressure regulators that come with three presets for simple selection of the desired regulator characteristics to suit specific applications.
EHMB rotary/lifting modules from Festo
26.09.2011 - EHMB rotary/lifting modules from Festo combine rotary and linear motion with flexible, independent movement positioning in one unit.
ADNE-LAS electric short-stroke cylinders from Festo with integrated linear motor drive
23.09.2011 - The ADNE-LAS electric short-stroke cylinders available from Festo feature an integrated linear motor drive that helps to achieve highly dynamic movement between the two end positions at up to 14 Hz.
ELGR toothed belt axis from Festo
22.09.2011 - Festo offers the cost-optimised ELGR toothed belt axis designed for automation tasks with relatively low requirements for load, dynamic response and precision.
Highly modular MPA-L valve terminals from Festo
21.09.2011 - Festo offers a range of highly modular valve terminals that come with individual sub-bases for single-step modularity.
EGSL electric mini slides from Festo
20.09.2011 - EGSL electric mini slides available from Festo offer superior performance and extreme precision in vertical applications and short-stroke slide functions with variable positioning.
Festo HGRT radial grippers offer precise gripping under high torque loads
19.09.2011 - Festo lightweight HGRT radial grippers are powerful, protected and precise even with long gripper jaws and high torque loads. With versatile sensing and optional gripping force back up.
DNCE electromechanical rod actuators available from Festo
14.06.2011 - Festo has recently announced the expansion of its broad line of electromechanical actuators to now include the new electromechanical rod actuators, DNCE.
Festo offers DNCE-LAS Electrical Linear Motor Cylinders
09.06.2011 - The highly dynamic DNCE-LAS electrical linear motor cylinders from Festo are optimised for small loads.
Smart Bird Bionic Development from Festo
20.04.2011 - Festo, a leader in industrial automation has developed innovative technologies using bionic mechanisms.
Category 4 safety valves now available from Festo
22.01.2010 - Festo have designed an air preparation range which offers users a certified and tested unit that can be integrated into new or existing circuits.
MS precision pressure regulators available from Festo
19.08.2009 - Available from Festo, MS6-LRP-PO series of precision pressure regulators are ideal for use in the automotive industry.
Powerful and precise swivel drives available from Festo
18.08.2009 - Available from Festo, DRQD-B modular twin-piston swivel drives with modified piston material provide improved repetition accuracy for swivel motions.
New pressure booster DPA available from Festo
17.08.2009 - New variants of the pressure booster DPA, from Festo, can assist with the reduction of the costs of compressed air, directly within the application.
CPE solenoid valves from Festo
14.08.2009 - Available from Festo, CPE solenoid valves can be used as an individual valve and also on a sturdy aluminium manifold.
Festo online shop helps Hydraulic & Pneumatic’s business
30.07.2009 - The Internet has revolutionised the way we live and do business and for Morwell based Hydraulic & Pneumatic, the Internet has proved to be a real boon for business – thanks to Festo’s Online Shop.
VSNB control valves for process actuators from Festo
25.06.2009 - The new VSNB valves from Festo are an economical and versatile solution for the control of process actuators. The valves can be used to actuate both single-acting and double-acting actuators which fea
SMAT-8M position transmitters available from Festo
24.06.2009 - The new SMAT-8M position transmitter from Festo is installed, which is similar to an ordinary reed switch. With its compact design, the SMAT-8M position transmitter can be securely installed flush in the slot o
HGPLE electric grippers available from Festo
23.06.2009 - Festo offer HGPLE electric grippers. The long stroke of the HGPLE electric grippers enables it to be used with a number of different sized work pieces. With the tactile gripping option, the HGPLE elec
Quarter-turn actuators for process automation from Festo
22.06.2009 - DFPB pneumatic quarter turn actuators from Festo are suitable for wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical industry and food production plants. These actuators can be used to perform opening and cl
HSP and HSW handling modules for pick and place applications available from Festo
06.03.2009 - Pick and place handling modules are now available from Festo as ready-to-install solutions. The HSP handling module is a semi-rotary drive with a link guide to provide pick and place movement, while t
2D and 3D multi-axis handling systems available from Festo
06.03.2009 - Plug and work multi-axis handling systems are now available from Festo. Purchased in the form of standard or customised handling units, they provide agility, precision and cost-effectiveness. The orde
Positioning Drives software tool for electrical drive systems from Festo
05.03.2009 - The Positioning Drives software tool for all electrical drives from Festo enables fast, easy and reliable design and planning of motor and axis combinations in three simple steps.
SPAB pressure sensors available from Festo
04.03.2009 - Festo offer a standard pressure sensor, which can be used in almost any application. Compact and versatile, the SPAB pressure sensor brings a high level of reliability to a wide range of manufacturing
ERMB electrical rotary drive modules available from Festo
11.02.2009 - The ERMB rotary drive module from Festo can be used as a front-end rotary module with any rotation angle up to 360° or as a stationary, numerically controlled rotary table. The ERMB rotary drive modul
Integrated pressure sensor available from Festo
19.12.2008 - The new integrated pressure sensor is integrated into the Festo MPA valve terminal, allowing pressures to be monitored directly over the field bus system.
PPS self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning system available from Festo
18.12.2008 - The new PPS self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning system from Festo adapts automatically to provide suitable cushioning characteristics within the permissible range.
Integrated HMI controller available from Festo
17.12.2008 - The FED-CEC, available from Festo, is a flexible and space-optimised system. The display unit and controller are combined in a single unit, which means that system designers have only one component to purchase, programme and install. It is a space-sa
Festo offer EGSA spindle driven cantilever axis
14.11.2008 - The spindle driven cantilever axis EGSA, available from Festo, reduces cycle times to the absolute minimum. High-performance mechanical components and a wide choice of motors ensure the ideal answer to the needs of any application.
Festo VPPM Proportional pressure regulator with added dimensions
13.11.2008 - The VPPM Proportional pressure regulator, available from Festo, has the right parameters for every application. In-line or flange versions, current-or voltage actuated, connection to field bus/Ethernet through a CPX terminal are a few benefits of the
DFST stopper cylinder from Festo
20.10.2008 - The Festo DFST stopper cylinder can stop almost any workpiece carrier. This stopper cylinder has a load range almost three times higher than the previous model.
VOVG miniature valves for compact handling applications available from Festo
20.10.2008 - Festo have released the new compact solenoid valve series VOVG. Its compact dimensions and high flow rates make it suitable for all kinds of installation applications.
SOOF Fork Light Sensor available from Festo
17.10.2008 - The SOOF Fork Light Sensor, available from Festo, provides reliability, efficiency and good value for money.
High speed switching solenoid valves available from Festo
10.10.2008 - Festo offer high speed switching solenoid valves, which are available in MH.2, MH.3 and MH.4 sizes. The MH.2 size includes a 5/2 function valve.
DGC pneumatic linear drives available from Festo
06.10.2008 - The DGC pneumatic linear drive, available from Festo, has set a new standard for precision, reliable guidance and high load capacity.
VOVG miniature valves from Festo
29.08.2008 - Festo have released VOVG series of compact solenoid valves. The compact dimensions and high flow rates of the miniature valves makes it suitable for all kinds of installation situations.
Pneumatic rotary indexing tables from Festo
27.08.2008 - Festo provide distribution services for a range of pneumatic rotary indexing tables with high load capacities and precision.
MPA manually adjustable pressure regulators from Festo
29.07.2008 - The MPA manually adjustable pressure regulators are now available from Festo. The Festo MPA manually adjustable pressure regulators provide a fast and convenient space saving solution for pressure control on pneumatic actuators.
SOPA air gap sensor available from Festo
28.07.2008 - The new SOPA air gap sensor, from Festo, is designed to be used in tooling applications to make sure that a part is seated properly in a jig before it is machined, welded or assembled. The SOPA air gap sensor is able to measure gaps of between 20 and
MS6-SFE flow sensor available from Festo
16.06.2008 - Capable of operating as a stand-alone flow sensor, or as part of an MS6 service unit combination, the MS6-SFE features a clearly laid out, backlit LCD display showing flow or consumption data combined with a choice of output options.
Compressed-air preparation range expanded
28.08.2006 - FESTO has expanded its range of MS series air preparation service units with the addition of the giant MS12 unit capable of delivering 22,000 litres a minute of compressed air. The MS12 offers users everything they are looking for in terms of high fl
Networking with pneumatic and electrical components
08.08.2006 - MAKING connections and detecting sources of error have enhanced the function range of the CPX terminal, the bridge between the worlds of pneumatics and electronics. Combined with the modular pneumatic valve terminal MPA, users can expect improved mac
Networking with pneumatic and electrical components
14.07.2006 - MAKING connections and detecting sources of error have enhanced the function range of the CPX terminal, the bridge between the worlds of pneumatics and electronics. Combined with the modular pneumatic valve terminal MPA, users can expect improved mac
Festo software tools and e-commerce
05.05.2006 - IN industrial automation, material costs only make up 10% of all project costs. Approximately 90% of costs along the value added chain therefore offer the greatest potential for savings and one which can be successfully exploited by shrewd customers
Modular guided drives
11.04.2006 - THE DFM modular system and the small rodless DGC drive are top contenders at Festo. As part of a full range of guided drives, they both replace elaborate user-fabricated solutions and save space as well. They feature a maximum speed of 1.5m per secon
Cylinder for splash zone areas
19.07.2005 - THE Festo Clean Design Cylinder (CDN) is designed and built to operate in splash zone areas. It has smooth, corrosion-resistant surfaces with no exposed threads.
Extremely fast linear actuator
17.06.2005 - FESTO’s extremely fast linear actuator that can move large payloads at velocities of up to 10m/sec, is a versatile platform for boosting automation productivity. Whilst maintaining a very high level of quality, this product offers a low cost solution
Cylinder with end-position interlock
16.06.2005 - THE positive locking end-position interlock EL from Festo's modular DNC system provides a highly dependable crash-protection device to safeguard sensitive machine components or tools. Due to the integrated mechanical end-position interlock, this cyli
High speed picker handling module
11.02.2005 - THE HSP high speed picker from Festo quickly reins in costs for handling and assembly technology. With high cycle rates and intelligent stroke adjustment, the new Pick & Place shortens production times and improves economic efficiency.
New range of grippers released
26.10.2004 - FESTO has released a standard gripper, a precision parallel gripper and a micro-gripper.
High pressure air service units
22.09.2004 - FESTO has released the MS series of high pressure air service units with connection sizes from G1/8 to G2". To save time and costs, Festo has developed a 2" filter regulator within the one air preparation unit.
Air preparation units
13.09.2004 - FESTO has released G1/8” to G2" high-pressure air service units. To save time and costs Festo has developed a 50.8mm filter regulator within the one air preparation unit.
Electric boom-arm axis
31.08.2004 - FESTO has released the DGEA toothed-belt driven electric boom-arm axis. It is intended for positioning applications with cantilever motions. The separation of profile, drive head and motor ensures minimum displaced mass and maximum dynamic response w
High-speed picker
29.01.2004 - THE high-speed picker from Festo quickly reins in costs for handling and assembly technology. With high cycle rates and intelligent stroke adjustment, the new Pick & Place shortens production times and improves economic efficiency.
Intelligent Pressure and Vacuum Switches
29.01.2004 - FESTO’S SDE 5 intelligent mini pressure switches supply information instantly on the pressure currently present. They are ideal for monitoring of compressed air supplies, regulators and vacuum and for workpiece detection via back-pressure.
Minimal cleaning - maximum function
28.01.2004 - FESTO’s CDN Clean Design cylinder is a cylinder of choice where hygiene and cleanliness are priorities. Sealed all round and with smooth, curved surfaces, nothing adheres to its surface and time for cleaning is reduced to a minimum.
Pneumatic rotary drives
11.12.2003 - FESTO is responding to a strong demand from the processing industry for pneumatic rotary drives with torque ratings of up to 8,800Nm and weighing as much as 150kg and more.
Turnkey packages of pneumatic systems
27.11.2003 - FESTO is now offering turnkey packages of pneumatic systems and subsystems from a single source.
Stopper cylinders for conveyor systems
20.10.2003 - STOPPER cylinders from Festo keep objects under control in conveyor systems and can cope with tasks that conventional cylinders have difficulty performing.
Pneumatic rotary drives with high torque rating
20.10.2003 - FESTO has added the NAMUR valve, the scotch-yoke design Sypar DAPS rotary actuator and the DAPZ sensor box to its range of Copar rotary actuators and COPAC DLP Linear actuators.
Easy-clean pneumatic valve terminal
16.09.2003 - THE Clean Design valve terminal CDVI from Festo puts an end to expensive and complex compromises in the area of pneumatic cylinders. The new design, and the use of corrosion-resistant materials, fully meet requirements for easy cleaning.
Providing transparency in feed processes
16.09.2003 - FESTO's Checkbox family, a compact optoelectronic system, can provide contactless product identification, position detection, quality checking, sorting, and picking. All of this extremely dependably in situations where conventional and mechanical sol
Pressure sensor monitoring kit
20.08.2003 - PRESSURE drops and fluctuations have an immediate negative effect on productivity. With the pressure sensors and pressure switches in the SDE 1 kit from Festo, all the current pressure values - including minimum and maximum pressure values - are cont
New range of vacuum generators
09.07.2003 - WITH the new vacuum generators from Festo, productivity is pre-programmed. For example, the VN series comes without any wearing parts, for maximum durability and functional reliability, and at a price which is very acceptable. As is the design -- lig
All-inclusive turnkey pneumatics
09.07.2003 - AS a cost-effective and fast alternative to user-built solutions, Festo is now offering turnkey packages of pneumatic systems and subsystems, all from a single source. Festo is the only pneumatics supplier with a service of this kind, which it has be
Tuning for pneumatic drives
17.06.2003 - THIRTY per cent faster cycle times? What was impossible in the past is feasible now. Festo has introduced the Smart Soft Stop with a new end-position controller SPC-11 and expanded functionality. This means that the advantages of the Smart Soft Stop
The new look in pneumatics
17.06.2003 - IN food factories, potential sources of contamination can exist if the utmost care is not taken. To assist in this area, Festo provides HACCP accredited clean design automation products that can eliminate many potential sources of contamination.
High speed switching valves
07.08.2002 - FESTO will display a wide range of products on its stand at Automate 2002 including the new MHE2 fast switching valves. Compact, with versatile connector options and high repitition accuracy, these valves switch in less than two milliseconds, dependi
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