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The new look in pneumatics

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IN food factories, potential sources of contamination can exist if the utmost care is not taken. To assist in this area, Festo provides HACCP accredited clean design automation products that can eliminate many potential sources of contamination.

These include the surface finish - avoiding rough surfaces - and exposed threads. The component radii should be as great as possible, sharp angles, edges and gaps should be avoided.

Festo is setting standards in this area with clean design and corrosion-resistant pneumatic components. They meet the hygiene standards for machinery applied in the manufacture of food and packaging industry.

The pneumatic cylinders, valves and valve terminals are made of corrosion resistant materials, have smooth surfaces and meet international standards.

According to the principle applied in the past, the main characteristic of a standard Festo drive was its design functionality and its convenience in fixing accessories such as mounting components or proximity switches.

In the food industry, however, another characteristic is of primary importance - ease of cleaning.

Recently, Festo's product developers simply converted a functional standard drive into a drive in easy-to-clean design, making it the first actuator with integrated cylinder switches in the world to have a completely smooth corrosion-resistant surface.

The development of valve terminals followed a similar path: Festo developed the first valve terminals for wet environments in the world to completely dispense with a stainless steel control cabinet.

Many multinational companies operating in the food and packaging sector are working closely with Festo in order to avail themselves of complete individual systems solutions.

This means Festo has full responsibility for the development of all new pneumatic solutions. This applies to packaging machines for drink cartons in particular, because Festo has solutions both for the food processing and the packaging sectors.

In the food and packaging industry, Festo pneumatic systems can perform numerous functions such as driving flaps, filling, cutting, clamping, sorting and closing, so with pneumatics, the manufacturer of automation solutions is totally up to the minute.

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