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Stopper cylinders for conveyor systems

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article image Pivot, roller and toggle-lever stopper cylinders.
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STOPPER cylinders from Festo keep objects under control in conveyor systems and can cope with tasks that conventional cylinders have difficulty performing.

Pneumatic stopper cylinders are suited to accurately halting in position heavy objects at machining and processing stations in conveyor systems. This is due to their easy handling and favourably price-performance ratio.

The stopper cylinders are designed to withstand high lateral forces.

They are capable of halting work pieces and goods or work holding fixtures, such as pallets, for loading, unloading or processing/machining in conveyor systems. Conveyor systems may include assembly belts, automatic warehouses with high-bay racking or interlinked production plants.

Three basic stopper cylinder types are available: pivot, roller and toggle-lever versions.

The pivot version has a purely mechanical stop and is available in sizes 20, 32 and 50mm.

Roller stopper cylinders are available in 20, 32, 50 and 80mm sizes.

Roller stoppers have been designed for transporting work pieces or work holding fixtures. If a work piece is still on the stopper cylinder when it is extended, the work piece is advanced smoothly over the roller.

Roller cylinders are capable of stopping masses between 10 and 180kg at belt speeds up to 40m/s, depending on cylinder size.

In the toggle-lever version, forces occurring are diverted via a toggle lever to the hydraulic shock absorber and damped. This allows the stoppers to cope with extremely high forces, and the work piece is protected against damage during stopper operation.

Toggle-lever versions are available in 32, 50 and 80mm sizes. The toggle lever version is capable of stopping masses ranging from 40 to 300kg at speeds of 40m/s.

Each stopper cylinder’s valve can be flanged on directly and mounting options are simple and diverse.

Numerous versions of all stopper cylinder types are available. For example, heat-resistant versions for temperatures up to 150°C or with non-rotating piston rod for the roller and toggle lever versions.

The end positions of all stopper cylinders can be sensed with small proximity sensors to allow the stop function to be integrated in safe, automatic sequences. The compact proximity sensors of Type SME-8 or SMT-8 with or without contacts are recessed in profiled grooves.

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