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Space saving linear axes and mini slides from Festo

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article image Festo’s linear axis ELGC (left) and mini slide EGSC
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Festo presents the low-cost linear axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC, which can be easily combined into space-saving handling systems to suit applications that demand compact dimensions and optimised installation space.

Offering an optimal ratio between installation space and working space, the linear axes series ELGC and the mini slides EGSC are designed to fit flexibly and seamlessly into assembly systems, testing and inspection systems, small parts handling units, desktop applications and in the electronics industry. Both complement each other with a common system approach, platform architecture and adapter-free connections.

Valuable technology

Featuring an internal protected recirculating ball bearing guide and lifetime lubrication, the ELGC spindle and toothed belt axes are particularly suitable for XY-movements and vertical Z-movements. The resilient mini slide EGSC with its smooth spindle running is ideal for vertical Z-movements or guided linear individual movements in any mounting position. The universal profile mounting enables the mini slide to be mounted on the ELGC without needing additional adapters. Common features include a clean look and weight-optimised design. With matching interfaces and optimised adapter kits, the corresponding motors can be mounted flexibly.

Scalable modular system

When used as simple linear or three-dimensional gantries, pick & place solutions or 3D cantilever systems, Festo’s new handling systems are easy to combine and assemble without the need for any special expertise or tools. As part of the common system approach, the larger base axes can easily be combined with smaller add-on axes via a universal profile fastener.

ELGC - Compact movements

The spindle axis ELGC-BS-KF offers four sizes for movements up to 1 m/s at a maximum length of 1,000mm, while the toothed belt axis ELGC-TB-KF offers three sizes for movements up to 1.5 m/s at a maximum length of 2,000mm.

Key features include resilient recirculating ball bearing guide inside the slide; and guide, spindle and toothed belt protected by a stainless steel cover band.

EGSC - Compact positioning

The EGSC mini slides are available in four highly compact sizes for precision positioning up to 600 mm/s at a maximum length of 200mm.

Key features include spindle with long-life, low-wear interior ball screw; and recirculating ball bearing guide for yoke slide with high load-bearing capacity.

Please visit the Festo website for more information on the low-cost linear axes ELGC and the mini slides EGSC.

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