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Providing transparency in feed processes

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FESTO's Checkbox family, a compact optoelectronic system, can provide contactless product identification, position detection, quality checking, sorting, and picking.

All of this extremely dependably in situations where conventional and mechanical solutions have long since reached their limits.

According to Festo engineers the checkbox concept was developed by Festo to meet the high quality requirements of the company's own production operations and overcome the weaknesses of conventional solutions.

The top development objectives were high reliability, ease of operation and robust construction.

Checkbox is a combination of an imaging system and conveyor and ejector mechanisms. It uses its integrated camera to analyse even difficult conveyed workpieces continuously on the basis of their contours and thus detect position and quality.

Checkbox is thus suitable for rotationally-symmetrical workpieces and pre-oriented workpieces of any desired shape, diameters of 0.5 - 80mm and lengths of 3 - 80mm.

When confronted with complex workpiece shapes, different workpiece types and high cycle rates, mechanical sorting systems soon reach their limits.

The contactless checking method used by Checkbox eliminates wear on conveyed workpieces, while the integrated quality check ensures consistently high product quality. Reliable feeding reduces system downtime and increases the availability of automatic assembly machines.

All Checkbox units are easy to operate and can "learn" different workpieces by means of their teach-in function - with no need for programming.

When changing over workpieces, the feed system can be reset at the touch of a button. Data for up to 48 different workpieces can be stored and can thus be sorted using the same system.

This not only results in increased reliability and a saving of time - it also eliminates the need for separate conveyor drums.

The modular system concept allows flexible installation, even in existing production lines. Users can choose the range of functions they require, and their Checkbox systems can "grow" at a later time as needed.

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