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Pneumatic standard cylinder targets inefficiency

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article image Festo pneumatic standard cylinder DSBC with innovative PPS self-adjusting air cushioning
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Automation equipment supplier, Festo has released the pneumatic standard cylinder DSBC with innovative PPS self-adjusting air cushioning.

With most cylinders cushioning is set manually, prior to installation.

In itself, this is a simple task and doesn’t cause any headaches. The problem is that when the setting is done manually it is difficult to take air pressure, speed and load into account. These factors all affect performance.

The result is that many cylinders are incorrectly set.

This can lead to, noise, vibration, and accuracy issues. It can also increase down time and lead to safety issues.

The standard DSBC cylinder is designed to overcome these problems. It requires no manual adjustment and adjusts automatically to changes in load and speed. As such, efficiency is increased and wear is minimised.

How is self-adjustment achieved?

The cylinder features profiled longitudinal slots in the cushioning boss.

These slots channel the exhausting air and enable dynamic yet gentle travel to the end position.

So the design is intended to optimise performance and allow the machine to run as smoothly as possible. Noise, vibration, and wear are minimised. The work environment is not harmed by unnecessary noise and the work life of the machinery is maximised.

And maintenance and cleaning are kept to a minimum.

For a start, there is no need for any manual adjustment and, because there are no cushioning screws, there are fewer dust and dirt traps and cleaning is minimised.

Once it is up and running, the DSBC cylinder will require less planning to operate. There is no need for management to spend time co-ordinating the re-adjustment of multiple cylinders. They can run in parallel and will self adjust according to load.

There are three types of cushioning available:

  • PPS cushioning: pneumatic cushioning, which is self-adjusting at both ends. (This is the standard)
  • PPV cushioning: pneumatic cushioning, which is adjustable at both ends
  • P cushioning: elastic cushioning rings/pads at both ends
Because of Festo’s modular product system these variants may be configured individually.

The cylinder can be specified with a large number of variants and can be used flexibly.

And all connections are done on one side of the unit, so adjustments are easy to carry out.

For example, in applications where lubricants would be expected to bind with abrasive dust or be washed away, there is sealing for totally dry running.

Or hard scrapers can be specified in applications involving food, batter, and so forth.

There are seals available which can accommodate temperatures down to -40°C or heat resistance up to 150°C. And acid resistant seals are also available.

The cylinder is available in six diameters up to 100mm and with strokes up to two metre lengths. The unit is light weight.

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