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Festo pneumatic safety valves are certified and tested units that can be integrated into new or existing circuits, and may either stand alone or be housed in an air preparation module.

There is an increasing demand for safety products in the area of pneumatics, and these pneumatic safety valves provide the perfect solution as they ensure all bases are covered in the event of a sudden emergency stop in critical pneumatic safety zones.

The pneumatic safety valves provide a safe exhaust function and they offer a large number of possibilities for applications up to category 4, with compliance to AS 4024 Category 4 approval.

Based on a dual 3/2-way configuration with integrated safety relay, these pneumatic safety valves are used as a central unit to supply machines and installations with compressed air.

The pneumatic safety valves boast the ability to self-check, and they operate in accordance with AS 4024 Category 4 and ISO 13849-1 Performance Level “e,” which ensures the pneumatic safety objective of a “safe exhaust function” is guaranteed, even if malfunctions occur in the valve. 

The pneumatic safety valves are incredibly effective when it comes to ensuring the safety of people and machines, particularly when there is a sudden emergency stop.

They give certification for the requirements of a Category 4 safe system.   

Key features of the pneumatic safety valves:

  • Fast and reliable venting in the event of a sudden emergency stop
  • Ability to achieve pressure reduction in the system extremely efficiently thanks to a quick exhausting mechanism
  • Exhaust capacity of 6,000 l/min
  • Easy to install, available as individual or modular units

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